Product Lines for All Aircraft Types

Choose Orion Trading Group as a procurement source when replacing components in your fleet's aircraft. The certified components we sell for repair and overhaul purposes are manufactured and/or repurposed by the leading vendors in the avionics industry. We offer and stock commonly needed components and electonic modules to include sensors and controls that enable your flight repairs to be completed in an efficient and safe manner.

We organize our service parts into value groups based on their location and its specific functionality supplied to an aircraft. Our extensive list of quality products support all the major portions of aircraft performance, including service for:

  • Fuselage
  • Wings
  • Empennage
  • Power Plant
  • Landing Gear

Our service parts range from simple wireless sensors to advanced engine parts that are critical to safe operation as per FAA and EASA 145 airline regulations.

Instead of searching around for necessary aircraft components, contact an Orion Trading Group account representative to fulfill your service and replacement part needs.